Thursday, January 3, 2008

The integrity of the tatting blog ring...

This ring is filling up with new members and is bursting at the seams with tatting. It is so wonderful to surf through the ring and see the world of tatting so alive.
In order to keep this blog ring true to it's purpose (all things tatting) I have found it neccessary to add these amendments;

If you notice that your blog has dropped out of the ring, it could be for one of the following reasons:

1) If a blog has not been posted to for a minimum of TWO months that blog will be temporarily moved out of the ring until that blog is updated. Email me when it is updated and it will move back into the queue.

2) If a blog's content contains more posts about other crafts and interests than it does about tatting that blog will also be temporily sidelined until the content is primarily about tatting.

NOTE: The blogs are NOT being deleted...just sidelined until they are updated.)
Email me when it is updated and it will move back into the queue.

The blog ring rules are listed below and are quite simple.

Let's all strive to keep this blog ring an enjoyable source of tatting information.


Clyde said...

Thanks for your work to keep this ring alive and well. The house keeping rules are appreciated.

yarnplayer said...

You're doing a great job running this ring. Thanks for working so hard to help us tatters!